Step into Chapter 3 of “Skyward Tales: Planetarium’s Story Unfolded”, where each segment illuminates a distinct era in the development of planetariums.

From their conceptual inception to the state-of-the-art digital domes of the present, this series chronicles the remarkable journey of these celestial theaters. Discover how each generation of planetariums has expanded our horizons, bringing the mysteries of the universe closer to earth.

Through this exploration, we celebrate the technological marvels and the visionary minds that have transformed these spaces into portals to the cosmos. Embark with us on a voyage through the history and innovation of planetariums.

Portrait Oskar von Miller Public Domain

The opening of the world’s first projection planetarium at the Deutsches Museum in Munich on May 7, 1925, stands as a monumental moment in the history of astronomical exploration and public science education. This remarkable achievement was the culmination of a visionary project initiated by Oskar von Miller, the founder of the Deutsches Museum, who, in collaboration with the Zeiss company, sought to bring the heavens closer to earth through the marvels of optical-mechanical light projection.

The success of the initial demonstrations led to the permanent installation of the device at the Deutsches Museum in 1925, marking the debut of the world’s first planetarium, where 4,500 stars were projected onto the dome, captivating the audience and far exceeding expectations.

Since that historic opening, the evolution of planetariums has been marked by continuous innovation, from the introduction of mobile projection systems to the integration of digital technology, enhancing our ability to simulate the universe in ever more captivating ways.

Special exhibition at the Deutsches Museum for the 100 years of planetarium. Burkhard Mücke, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As we reflect on this chapter of our celestial journey, we invite you to explore the rich tapestry of planetarium history and the advancements that have brought the cosmos closer to us all. For more insights into the legacy and future of planetariums, visit the Deutsches Museum’s page on the history of the planetarium and the Centennial of the Planetarium website.

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