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Digistar Lite

Digistar Lite is perfect as an entry-level system for institutions, schools and associations that have small to medium permanent dome...


Digistar is in a class all its own, providing powerful features and the most user friendly interface in the industry.


Skypoint offers the brand new Skysonus and Skylux systems to provide a professional audio and lighting experience in planetarium.

Every installation offers state-of.-the-art hardware and latest technologies available. This makes Skysonus and Skylux systems a perfect choice for low energy consumption, budget, flexibility and premium quality.


Skylux is a unique lighting system that uses a full 16-bit resolution per channel with tricolor LED, based on SMD chips. This solution creates a smooth color in every point of the cove (avoiding the use of three singles, spatially separated R-G-B-W LED used by other luminaries) with a full control of color and dimming.

This true 16-bit light system uses a large amount of control that is necessary mostly with dim lights and fade-out or fade-in animation: our system can recreate up to 281’474’976’710’656 different colors.

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