Digistar Lite

For more than 30+ years, E&S has been delivering Digistar systems to planetariums around the world. Now, Skypoint Planetariums in collaboration with Evans & Sutherland has developed Digistar Lite, the ultimate portable planetarium available both in fixed or in mobile version. Fixed version is the ultimate solution for small fixed domes or budget-restricted projects up to 10-13m.

Digistar Lite mobile

Digistar Lite uses a customized version of Digistar 6, the world’s leading digital planetarium system. The biggest and most important planetariums in the world use Digistar, totaling more than 550 planetariums in the world.

Digistar Lite Controller

Digistar Lite includes the core features of Digistar 6, with optional features like the Digistar Cloud Library, Show Builder, Dome Casting and a few others available for purchase as separate plug-ins. This has allowed us introduce the new Digistar Lite line at a very competitive price with advanced features not previously available in small planetarium systems.

Digistar Lite is also perfect as an entry-level system for institutions, schools, and associations that have a small to medium permanent dome but not the budget for a full Digistar 6 system. Digistar Lite can be upgraded at any time to a full Digistar 6 single or dual channel system with optional 3D Stereo capability.

Digistar Lite represents also our starting point for a fixed solution. Of course our main line of fixed systems use Digistar 6 with projector solutions from 2D to 3D, up to True 8K resolution. The entry level of Digistar 6 line is the Digistar 6 SP 2560x1600. This system is based on a single channel but will permit in future to be upgraded to a two-channel system, always installed in the center of the room or on cove too if preferred.

In case of interest in our Digistar 6 projection solutions, please contact us to request a specific quotation.