Warranty and Support

  • Warranty Support. The standard warranty period is two years; it begins upon delivery of the system. Extended warranties, which expand the period of warranty coverage for multiple years, are available at the time of purchase. Extension of coverage for some or all of the items covered by warranty is possible with a fully-customizable Service Contract. Service Contracts are designed to provide seamless coverage for systems moving out of warranty.

  • Services Included. See the following tables for support services during warranty and options for out of warranty.


Services Provided by Skypoint Planetarium’s Technicians Standard Warranty for Two Years Full Extended Warranty (can start from 3rd  year) Extended Warranty (can start from 3rd  year) Post-warranty Service Contract (can start from 3rd  year)
Monday-Friday 8.30 - 18.00 CET Skypoint PlanetariumsTelephone Support
24/7 Online Support Ticket System
24/7 Online Technical and Production Resources
24/7 Skypoint Planetariums Email Support
Digistar Lite Software Updates
Remote Diagnosis and Technical Assistance (requires Digistar Lite connection to Internet)
Repair or Replacement of Digistar Lite PC
Repair of Digistar Lite Projector OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Individual Spares and Spare Packages OPTIONAL OPTIONAL OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Yearly Price Included TBQ TBQ TBQ