Digistar Lite Training

  • Webinars. Digistar Lite will include a set of webinars which explain in detail all hardware and software operations, teaching you how to efficiently use your new planetarium.

  • Remote Training. As a paid option, the customer may request remote training for a number of hours to be decided by the customer’s wishes and needs. Skypoint technicians will connect remotely to the planetarium, showing the customer how to use the different Digistar features. The learning process is easy because the user can see the visualization of what the technicians are doing on the iPad and repeat the process. Remote connection sessions can be requested and purchased at any time.

  • Onsite Training. As a further paid option, the user may request a visit from a Skypoint technician to have onsite training. The number of days, details, and costs of the site training will be agreed upon prior to purchase.