Digistar Lite Hardware upgrades

  • iPad Pro 12.9”. Instead of the supplied iPad, the customer can choose the iPad Pro for a small additional fee. The larger screen and increased hardware capabilities provide an even better Digistar experience including the advantage of multitasking windows.

  • Automatic Backup: optionally Digistar Lite can integrate a second SSD which will be used to make a full backup of the system, automatically or using a command from the operator.

  • Samsung EVO 1Tb SSD. The supplied 512 GB SSD is large enough to store all Digistar Lite features including Terrain and Science on a Sphere, plus about 15 different fulldome movies. If the user wants to store more fulldome shows, the optional upgrade to a 1 TB SSD is available for a small price. The upgrade includes three more full dome movies (see page 4).

  • Mics. Wired mic can be purchased as an option and hooked into the speakers. The wired mic plugs directly into the audio amplifier through an external easy-access port. Supplied microphones are from premium brands like Shure or AKG. Wireless mic also available as option.

  • LED Lights. A 600 lumen RGBW LED strip can be integrated on top of Digistar Lite to provide efficient and beautiful illumination of the dome while the audience enters and exits, or to create other lighting effects. The lights are controlled through the included DMX controller and are operated through the iPad or within the scripts or shows. LED strips are provided on both top sides of the flight case to provide the most uniform illumination possible. LED Lights

  • 3D Active. As a future upgrade, users will be able to implement 3D Active Stereo running at 30Hz to show 3D fulldome shows.