Skypoint Digital Planetarium: system integrators

Skypoint Planetarium offers a complete service on digital planetarium installation, from the project of the "raw" structure to the internal design of the seats, from the dome to the visualization software, and so on.

We are, in fact, system integrators and our experience on digital planetarium systems could be a valuable resource for your projects.

Following a brief list of optional products and services you can find from Skypoint Digital Planetariums.


Portable Inflatable Domes.

The best inflatable domes available in the world.

In these years, Skypoint Planetariums has carefully selected its products for digital planetariums and thanks to the idea to be able to offer always the best products to our customers, we are glad to present the best inflatable domes on market, the Go-Dome, that after the sign of an exclusive agreement with the manufacturer, we can offer exclusively in Europe.

Go-domes are available in 84 different types, dimensions from 4 meters to 10 meters and different heights.

See dedicated section for more informations about domes available through our service.

Fixed Dome

We offer several models of fixed domes to meet your need and budget.

  • Skypoint Tecno Dome is made of fiber composite plastics and fiberglass. It is composed by a few segments bolted and glued together to form a single final structure.

  • Asto-tec and Spitz domes are fabricated of structural aluminum components and are installed by expert manufacturer supervisors. The domes are delivered and installed on time and always to the complete satisfaction of the client.


We offer for your planetarium the best quality and comfort from simple seats to professional IMAX configuration.

Cove lights and audio systems

Based on your budget, you can have the best solution for to ensure the best sound and immersive environment for your audience. We offer the simple high quality audio systems or professional equipment.