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Skypoint® Planetariums offers a wide range of high-quality services such as:

  • Design. Our team has designed and integrated many complex installations. We are glad to offer technical advice, creative direction and innovative design concepts during the initial crucial planning stage of a digital planetarium. Skypoint helps customer to visualize their projects or ideas, achieving the best result. All free of charge.

  • Specification Definition. Skypoint Planetariums can be involved during the definition of the project specifications. This study takes into account the various constraints of performance, regulations and customer requirements. We offer our knowledge and digital planetarium expertise to deliver to the customers the best service available and all free of charge.

  • Project management and integration. Skypoint Planetariums can offer all the elements of a complete digital planetarium system: from the dome to the main projector, seats, sound system and lighting. We do not simply sell, but we offer also installation service with high-qualified technicians. Whether you are searching for a simple system that you can integrate yourselves, or whether you want us to design, manage and deliver your project in the greatest detail possible from start to finish, we are here to help and to make things happen as efficiently, effectively and impressively as possible.

  • Training. Skypoint Planetariums always offers a rapid training course for our complete line of products. Our tailored courses are aimed at varying levels and subjects ranging from basic user operation to complex troubleshooting. Supporting documentation will also be provided to ensure that you have our full support at hand.

  • Support. Skypoint Planetariums offers software updates, telephone support, e-mail support, remote maintenance support and on-site support. Our customer care and support service is a comprehensive service designed to provide reliable, full-service maintenance for the multiple technologies and multiple vendor’s products in your installation.