Digitarium Epsilon (portable version)

Digitarium Epsilon Portable Digital Planetarium

The Digitarium Epsilon Portable model is a digital planetarium system designed to be portable. This system can be used in either a full dome or a truncated projection mode. It is very similar to the Digitarium Gamma Portable model, but offers higher resolution (about 30% greater in full dome mode and 56% greater in truncated mode).

Full dome/full sky projection is available at a projection angle of 155 degrees. This is not ideal for the typical inflatable dome as the projection will be somewhat higher on the dome than a more immersive 175 degree projection. It is, however, a good solution if you want to use chair type seating, have a higher than typical dome springline, or need a moveable system for a fixed dome.

In truncated projection mode, a 1344 pixel diameter truncated circle (truncated to a 1920x1200 pixel frame) is projected at a 180x155 degree projection angle. This mode is typically best suited for high resolution wide angle immersive movie uses. The planetarium features will still work, but with part of the sky missing we don't recommend this mode for serious astronomy education.

The Digitarium Epsilon has the same unmatched usability of other Digitarium systems with our exclusive backlit, handheld remote control. This model is designed for those who want the highest resolution and the best projection quality in a portable Digitarium system. If you intend to show a lot of fulldome video shows, immersive environments, or scientific visualizations, the higher resolution will be invaluable. Starfields will also look better, especially with the high contrast and our high quality proprietary lens.

Despite all these features, the price is a fraction of other high quality full dome fisheye planetarium systems of similar resolutions!

Specification table

Digitarium Epsilon Portable
Projection Modes Full Dome Truncated
Maximum Dome Diameter Around 52 feet/16m in full dome projection mode. Brightness is the main issue, since the larger the dome, the larger the surface area the light from the projector must cover.
Resolution 1200 pixel on meridian 1344 x 1200 pixel truncated circle
Projector Professional class projector Projection Design F32WUXGA with native resolution of 1920 x 1200 px, 1 billions of colors (30 bit color depth, 10 bit per color) with DLP™ technology, DarkChip3™ single chip and Brillant Color wheel
Field of view 360° (azimuth) x 180° (meridian) full sky not truncated 180 x ~155 degrees.
Pixels per degree of sky 6.7 average 7.5 average
Number of unique pixels on dome 1.13 MPx
Angle of Projection 155 degrees 180 x 155 degrees
Projector Brightness 7500 lumens
Contrast Ratio Native projector contrast ratio 7500:1
Lamp life Up to 5000 hours on high. The projector has two lamps which can be used one at a time, or both together for the brightest projection.
Image Quality Digitarium Epsilon systems use our most advanced proprietary lens design for the best projection quality available in a Digitarium system.
Internal Storage 750 GB expandable up to 3 TB or more.
Power 100-240 VAC, 10.4 A, 50-60Hz
Regulatory FCC Class A, CE class A (RoHS compliant), UL or CSA listed components
Dimensions System: 20 x 16.75 x 25 inches for storage (51 x 42.5 x 64 cm), 20 x 16.75 x 35 inches in use (51 x 42.5 x 89 cm)
Transit case: 39 x 25 x 22 inches (99 x 64 x 56 cm)
Weight System: 72 pounds (32.7 kg)
Transit case: 47.6 pounds (21.6 kg)
Total: 120 pounds (54.5 kg)

The transit case has built in wheels and extendable handle for easy transport on flat surfaces.
Other features
  • Projection leveling correction with dual axis motor drive through remote control device
  • DVD-D input
  • Red laser pointer integrated in remote control device
The Digitarium Epsilon Portable unit with the DLP fish-eye lens projector.

The Digitarium Epsilon Portable unit with the DLP fish-eye lens projector.